Lunch Specials

Lunch/Senior Specials

  • Fettucine Alla Bolognese (GFO)$18

    Flat long pasta with traditional Bolognese ragu'

  • Pumpkin-Truffle Risotto (GFO)(V) $19

    Arborio rice tossed with mushroom, shallots and pumpkin finished with tosemary and truffle oil

  • Lasagna $19

    Classic home-made lasagne with napoletana sauce, parmesan and pesto

  • Chicken Salad (GFO) $18

    Cos Lettuce, crispy bacon, grilled chicken fillets, anchovies, egg, parmesan & herbed croutons

  • Chicken Sandwich $20

    Crumbed chicken breast sandwich with tomato, aioli and cos lettuce served with hand cut chips

  • Seniors - Please note all lunch specials will be discounted by $3
  • Barramundi Fish & Chips $22

    Beer battered Barramundi fillet, hand cut chips & salad served with tartare sauce on the side

  • Barramundi Burger $20

    Crumbed and deep fried Barramundi fillet burger with a tarragon, tomato, dill mayonnaise and rocket served with hand cut chips

  • Steak Sandwich $20

    Bacon, caramelised onion, semi-sundried tomatoes, aged cheddar, djonaise and rocket served with beetroot relish & hand cut chips

  • Parmigiana $24

    Crumbed chicken schnitzel with napolitana sauce and parmesan, served with a side of hand cut chips & garden salad

  • Clams Linguine $22

    Linguine with clams tossed with garlic, chilli, cherry tomatoes and fresh basil in white wine sauce

  • GFO $3
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