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Antipasto & Insalata

Antipasto (Entrees)

  • Garlic Bread (GFO) (V) $10

    4 Sourdough Bread topped with garlic and olive oil, butter and Italian Herbs (ADD EXTRA PIECE $2.50)

  • Bruschetta (GFO) (V) $13

    Our antipasto from Italy! 4 Pieces of grilled bread rubbed with garlic topped with feta, tomatoes, olive oil & salt (ADD EXTRA PIECE $4)

  • Mushroom Arancini (V) $17

    4 truffle mushroom and mozzarella risotto ball served with house dip (ADD EXTRA PIECE $4)

  • Chilli Mussels (GFO) $19

    Garlic Chilli Mussels served with Napoletana sauce, fresh basil served with garlic bread

  • Chilli Mussels Main $26
  • Antipasto Misto (for 2 people) $29.5

    Mortadella, Casalingo salami, cacciatore, provolone, risotto balls, mixed olives, zucchini, eggplant, roasted capsicum and fresh bread

  • Garlic Prawns (GFO) $22

    Local prawns with garlic and olive oil served with garlic bread

  • Meatballs $17

    5 Traditional Nonna's recipe meatballs served with crostini

  • Lemon & Pepper Squid $19.5

    Tender fried baby calamari served with aiolo, sweet chilli & garden salad

Insalata (Salads)

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